finally equipped myslef with a 320GB portable disk.

tweet on Jun 1,2010
all morning prepared posting blog with recent photos. first time tried panorama software to combine some photos of Zhudajiu village, and the result really daunting/amazing! treated visiting girls with games. when it drizzled i felt at home, and buzzed elder sister about the loan to buy myself a portable hard disk as she promised several days ago. positive answer at once gained. in the night arranged next day’s contacting&buying details with elder sister. talked to baby’s mom about baby’s birthday, but she refuted to go online. restless night for the joy of owning new storage media.

tweets on Jun 2,2010
God, i got my new portable hard disk. thx!^finally got my 3rd portable hard disk with my elder sister’s loan, including 2 wrecked in those years, like flying in clear sky! just got all data backup onto it. so clean now! the purchase happened in the county city, with my 2 brother-in-law&a nephew’s companion. shot more photos on the way for panorama. now i can drive my notebook more swiftingly with less data load on it. without breakfast i launched, delayed some time in the county for elder sister who brought the loan arrived lately. its cloudy in the mornging, but turns sunny when i returned home&launched to migrate/backup data onto the new hard disk. now it turned pale again. God saves.
enjoy new portable storage.^migrated&backup data to new portable disk most afternoon, real nice work. mother bough fish. dined in back yard among dirty neighbor wives. haunted outside when mother babbled with a cheap woman. chatted with some folks in front plaza of the village. demons, including my elder brother, and good willed villagers let me wonder in front of fish pond in front Zhudajiu. buzzed baby’s mom about remission. felt discrete but mother sat aside me in room attempting rabbling. God, clear my way toward the Holy!

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