a bright day.

late sleep, got up till 12:34pm. dined out with beef pies and mutton soup near my office. its a starling bright day, i even sweated after the lunch. returned dorm&logged expense&events of recent. for the sunny, haunted outside again. join the Internet cafe, “New Millennium”, in the aim to meet my girl zhou. a girl with an cheap ugly large ear ring there chat via qq, a Chinese main stream im, looks like my girl. felt sad upon the phenomena of my girl’s not engaged with me. in night listening music via cellphone most of night, felt sad on bed. when i stood up&walked, the idea that my girl left QRRS and managed to support our coming life with her own startup struke me. i also felt the coldness among clerks in the local church, so i will pray to my God, my father, my second wife, my Sun, Masheng, as well as myself, more, like what i did before. its all day a bright day. – posted on Feb 6,2010



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